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The Prep Montessori Daycare

Our Philosophy

Our Mission is to deliver the highest standard of child care, based on the teaching principles of Dr. Maria Montessori.  

We believe in a circle of learning where home and school work together as one to ensure happy healthy children. In the words of Maria Montessori, "One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child."


Frequently asked questions


I don't know a lot about Montessori. What can you tell me about it?

​​We are enthusiastic about the Montessori Method and our trained staff would be more than happy to tour you through our state-of-the-art daycare, show you our various learning centres and explain our programming.  There is an article that co-owner Demetra Hajidiacos, a seasoned educator with a Masters Degree in Education (Curriculum, Teaching and Learning), and co-owner Leanne Howlett (Ph.D. candidate in Child Development) would also recommend.  You can read it by clicking below:

I have 5 Minutes.  Explain Montessori To Me.

Why is daily pricing the same regardless of how many days I sign up for? Usually part-time is more.

The answer here is simple.  It costs us the same to staff a part-time spot as it does a full-time spot so we choose to not charge families more because they choose part-time care for their child.  Winnipeg parents work hard for their money and we strive to provide exceptional childcare at prices that families can afford.

What about closure dates?

We are closed 11 weekdays of the calendar year.  Our closure dates are as follows:

Labour Day
Thanksgiving Day

Remembrance Day (if on a weekday)
Christmas Day
Boxing Day (if on a weekday)
New Year's Day
Louis Riel Day
Good Friday

Victoria Day

Canada Day

August Civic Holiday

Please note:  When daycares quote you a flat monthly fee, do take the time to do the math regarding your true daily costs.  Are you paying for weeks of closure days (winter break, spring break, professional development days etc.)?  If so, what is your actual daily fee?  

Does your daycare take children on field trips?

We sure do.  And one of the perks of being located so close to Assiniboine Park is we can go there for exploration and play.  We also like to visit our furry neighbours at Assiniboine Park Zoo!

Why can you only take 64 children at a time?

We are a licensed daycare under the Province of Manitoba.  We follow the exact protocols laid out by the Childcare Office as it pertains to the amount of students in the building at one time, student/staff ratios and the amount of trained staff per students in the building.   We currently have over 100 children enrolled in our program. 

How long is your wait list?

We have over 500 children on our wait list but most of our wait list consists of children under the age of 2 years old (who are not currently eligible for a spot).  If your child is over the age of two we may have a space become available this calendar year depending on the days/times you are looking for.  So please do not hesitate to apply!